Feature Request: Sort feeds by # of unread

I’ve found the fastest way for me to get through my feeds after an absence is to read them in order from the feed with the least unread items to the feed with the most unread items. It would be really helpful if Newsblur had an option to automatically sort feeds in this order. 

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Custom sort orders are something I’m playing around with. See the Organizer on dev. When that launches, try asking this again, as I’ll have the mechanism in place to do this.

I was searching the community to see if this was possible…  any chance this might make it into your to-do list?

I’ve been wanting this feature for years. Any updates?

Besides # of unread, I’d also like to sort feeds by “date of oldest unread post”. Since you automatically mark things as read after a month, I’m often left scrambling to figure out what feeds are closest to expiring. I can approximate this by sorting the river of news, but it’s far less efficient and less powerful.