Feature Request - Remove Duplicates in overlapping RSS Feeds


I am subscribed to multiple RSS Feeds from the CBC website. Specifically:
Top Stories - http://rss.cbc.ca/lineup/topstories.xml
World News - http://rss.cbc.ca/lineup/world.xml

Since stories some times overlap the two categories, I see duplicate stories. Now Newsblur usually does not show the duplicates in the feed. Rather, these show up at the end when I am done with the feed and refresh the feed only to find that I already read some. Quite often I just hit read all at this time. But occasionally some new story pops up when I refresh the feed and I end up accidentally marking it read when I hit read all. Is there a way to mark the duplicate also as read when I go through the feed?


I have the same issue. I’d prefer a means to have NewsBlur automatically notice it is a duplicate and deal with it for me. But, if that’s not possible, I’d rather see it and deal with it right away. Is there a way to prevent NewsBlur from hiding it?

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Coming from Inoreader I’m surprised this doesn’t exist in newsblur. Guess i’ll have to go back despite the advantages newsblur has. It supports filtering out similar articles by comparing title, url, both, or either.

I might be mistaken, but it seems to me that newsblur already does this if you:

  • create a folder for those,
  • place the different feeds into that folder
  • read the folder, rather than the individual feeds

At least, that has been the case for me for multiple feeds that contain exactly the same item.

I see this on occasion with sites that are in the same publishing network. An example is:


They probably duplicate 1-2 posts a day. However, in Newsblur, only one of the two sites will show the post. That is until I read the one I can see. On the next refresh, the other feed will have the post. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I view them by the feed, folder, or all sites.

If specific post details would be helpful, I can find an example. It doesn’t really bother me. There is one that they duplicate everyday (a daily deals type post). I trained one of the sites to hide it.

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