Feature request: Open in background tab

It would be nice to open a story in a background tab. Currently clicking on a story opens it in a tab and then takes me to it. I can’t right-click and choose open in new tab because NewsBlur has a custom context menu preventing the normal browser menu from appearing.


What browser are you using? This already works for me since I began using Newsblur, more than 1 year ago. I don’t remember doing anything special in the browser…

Also see this thread: https://getsatisfaction.com/newsblur/…

Try clicking the link with your middle mouse button (click down on the scroll wheel). In most browsers that will open the link in a background tab! EDIT: forgot or hold control and click a link.

I agree it this would be a nice option for Newsblur to have in its preferences. It’s been many years since I made websites, but I don’t think this can be controlled in HTML. I barely know javascript but it looks like there might be a way to do this with JS. Tested fine in my Chrome at least. For reference:


At least in Firefox, in Reader I could control-click the article title and it would open in a background tab.

In NewsBlur that opens in a foreground tab.


Hmm, in chrome both control click and middle click on the title gives a background tab…

Would be awesome (and fast) to have a setting to change the “o” keyboard shortcut to open in new tab in background.

Use shift+v to open in the opposite direction.

That doesn’t work for me. Using Firefox on Mac.

I’m using Firefox on Mac, and I’ve tried everything I can think of. It seems the only way I can possibly open a story in a background tab is to change Preferences to make right-click open a native context menu, and then hold Command when I click “Open in new tab”. More of an annoying workaround than a solution.

Firefox doesn’t implement the open-tab-in-background yet (or ever?).
Middle clicking with either pref option (native context menu or newbslur context menu) should open in the background.

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I just realized it’s not possible to middle-click on a Macbook’s trackpad. Middle-click on a USB mouse worked fine. I’ve read that MagicPrefs allows for trackpad middle-click, I’ll try that out.

if you use bettertouchtool (http://blog.boastr.net/) you can enable a triple-tap which does the same as a middle click. You can also do a lot more gestures.

While it’s available, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a solution, since about 99% of users shouldn’t be expected to dive into the about:config options of firefox

If anyone runs into the problem of Firefox blocking the popups initiated by pressing ‘O’, I’ve found a workaround in about:config. Find the key ‘dom.popup_allowed_events’, and append ‘keypress’ to the existing string (using letters only, no quote marks).

Blocked popups are a particular problem on bursty, high-article-count feeds like MS Paint Adventures. Some updates have 20+ items, triggering the Popup Blocker.

Ideally we should be able to disable the popup blocker by domain, but I’ve not found how to do that without installing yet another addon.

I press ‘o’ for open and newsblur opens current article in background tab. (Chrome)

Any updates on getting this “o” for open current article in background tab for the Firefox browser? The config instructions up top are not really helpful for the average user.

There’s also an option now for Newsblur to not take over the context menu.

Preferences > General > Right-clicking

Though, you should be able to ‘middle click’ on the title anyway.
There is something that newsblur can do to make background open on ‘o’ work in firefox without the user changing the config option.

Firefox can open New Tabs in the background, if you go into about:config and set browser.tabs.loadDivertedInBackground to true.

I use it, it’s great pressing J to quickly flick through stories and pressing O to silently load the interesting ones in a new background tab.