Feature Request: my personal statistics for feeds (how many stories I read)

I’d love to know how often I read (=open) specific articles for each feeds.

I am sure that some feeds I have collected over the time I am just browsing throw the subjects and never read anything, that means pretty much I could completely discard that feed and “remove noise”.

A second step could then be to sort the rss feeds by “% of articles read”, so the feeds where I read the most articles (which means it is the most important one for me) are on top, the ones I read less important are at the bottom

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The Organizer does have “Opens” specifically on a per-feed basis, including sorting.

(Personally, I find both “reads” and “opens” to be misleading for various reasons, but “reads” is a good proxy for many feeds.)

The reason I haven’t exposed this before is that NewsBlur doesn’t keep track of every single read story you’ve read. There’s a mark_read line that moves up to find the oldest *unread* story and trims off all the old read stories.

I suppose I could keep track of pruned read stories and add those to a count that also includes the existing read stories. Just don’t know where I’d expose that.

ah, I never used the organizer, so I never saw that. What is opens, I am not really sure given the blog entry:

is it opening the newsfeed on the left navigation area, or clicking on an article and “opening the site”?

two comments

  1. something like “opens last week” and “opens last 30days” would be helpful, otherwise it mixes long time feeds with new feeds and the figures are not compareable.

  2. i think the best metric would be “clicking on the article to open the site” (if the “open” metric is something else) - that shows how often you really read something on that site. “mark read” would not help, as “I” use it as “processed up to here”, it would tell me how actively i am reading the articles

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btw. I like to add a comment to (2)

Metric 1) clicking in Newsblur to open the article within Newsblur
Metric 2) clicking in Newsblur to open the article external

Open refers to every time you load the first page of stories from a feed. It does not include reading by folder, which is one of the major reasons I haven’t exposed it yet. There’s just no good way of keeping track of these things unless I add a read_stories field to subscription.