[Feature Request] Detailed Feed Information

One of the features I’ve been missing since migrating over from my self-hosted TT-RSS to Newsblur is the ability to get more information about my feeds.

Things like, “Latest Post Date” (as in, when the last time it had a new item), “Last Updated” (when was the last time it was queried for a new item), etc. was helpful in figuring out which feeds to prune, where there might be problems, etc.

Right now, I can’t seem to find any way to few detailed information about the feeds (url, feed type, etc.) other than exporting the list, which of course doesn’t tell me everything.

So basically, I’m hoping that we can eventually get some detailed info/analytics going to give a little more data/control over our feeds.


Have you seen the Organizer? It gives all of that info and more (# of stories/month, sub count, last post date) in a sortable format, in both folders and flat. It’s under Manage > Organizer.

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I missed the links at the top (my bad, I’m sorry), but I still can’t find an area that allows me to edit urls and/or site names/descriptions. Maybe I’m just being dense and missing it again?

Ahh, yes. Originally the Organizer was supposed to give you that ability. But I left it at having to rename feeds individually.

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Got’cha, it’s not super critical, since I can delete old ones and replace with new ones, but it’d be a timesaver in some cases.

Regardless, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions! Especially the dumb ones. XD