Feature Request: Dead Feeds

It happens, feeds go silent. When you’re following dozens, or more, you can miss this and it leaves clutter. I would like to see an option that allows the ability to set a number of days before a feed is marked as dead and moved to a separate folder, or tagged as dead until a new unread post appears.


Yeah, right now I don’t even know if I have any dead feeds. I’m sure I have some, but I’d like to see them so I could fix them.

I did a weird chair wiggle of glee upon seeing this reply. Awesome! :smiley:

Is this already implemented? I would love to see this, too!

I’ve noticed a bunch of these. One thing I’ve found in at least a few cases is that taking the old site and/or feed URL and changing http: to https: will trigger the expected redirect, which is not unsurprising given how heavily Google is promoting HTTPS for search ranking. Perhaps it would be useful to have a dead feed report which gave the option of trying that.

Sorry I didn’t update this thread but this launched as part of the Organizer. You can see all of your dead feeds easily. And if you use the All Sites views, you can easily scroll through and find the misbehaving feeds. But the Organizer will allow sorting feeds by last story date, including per-folder or flat across all feeds.

Is there a way to see errors? Many of the dead feeds in my account have failed due to server moves & it’d be nice to have a quick review option or a bulk refetch from the homepage.

A bulk fetch I won’t do but you should be able to quickly scroll and see the feeds with a red exclamation point.

Besides, all feeds are continually being fetched even if they are broken. Check Statistics for a feed to see that they’re still being monitored just in case they come back on their own days, weeks, months, or years later.

Working on it right now. I hope to launch it within a month.