Feature idea: ability to mute a feed

I daily look through all my unread items. But some feeds are only interesting for certain periods of time. It would be nice to be able to mute a feed so it doesn’t show up as I cycle through unread items.

For example, I follow NFL related feeds during the season but don’t really care during the off-season. I know that I could just remove the feeds, but then I need to keep a list of the feeds somewhere so I can add them all again when next season starts up.

Under the covers, I don’t care if it just stops polling the feed, or of it polls and then automatically marks as read.

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Click the cog/settings icon, the “Choose your 64 sites” and disable it there, when you want it again just go back in and enable it.

Sound like that feature would fit your use case pretty well even if it isn’t its intended purpose.

I’m not sure what the menu option is called for people with a premium account but I assume they still have access to it even though they don’t have a limit on how many sites they can have active.

Hampus’s solution will only work on free accounts.

For everyone else, right-click the feed and select the intelligence trainer. At the bottom it has “everything by this publisher”, click the down thumb next to it and all posts from that feed will be hidden.

I worry that if I give the ability to mute feeds, people would accidentally trigger a mute (or forget they did) and the problem would be worse.

DavidSev’s solution is quite good, but it has to be applied on a per-feed basis.

I think the best solution would be to have a Muted folder where you can move both feeds and whole folders into, and it doesn’t include an unread count and doesn’t show up in All Site Stories. Would that work? You would just move a feed or folder into the Muted Sites folder.

Avoiding confusion would be important.
A Muted Sites folder would work well.


Looks like the feature is in now: