Feature: for followed twitter accts, snapshot bio+link

Twitter’s looking kind of shaky lately. If it implodes, I’ll have many questions of the form “Who was @haxor and where are they posting now?” (for various values of @haxor).

Today, I can find that info in the user’s twitter profile: their display name, bio, and link are all useful for re-establishing contact. But if Twitter implodes, I’ll really want that info but I won’t be able to see it.

Mmmmaybe Newsblur could occasionally remember this profile info and put it in some db. Then, if Twitter implodes in the future, post an item on the relevant feed a la “as of 2022-12-25, this twitter feed’s display name was Brett Slatkin, its link was https://www.onebigfluke.com/ , bio was ‘Author of etc etc etc’”. All Newsblur users gather in praise of your foresight in preserving this info. Much rejoicing.

(Could also be useful even if Twitter doesn’t implode, for when people delete their Twitter accounts. If some twitter acct API starts horking up “error: no such user”, then subscribers might be pretty interested in a profile snapshot)