Fade out old stories

Some of my feeds are quite huge, and even with tags and hiding stories I can’t scroll them all. But I don’t want to mark all as read, because there are often hidden stars still.

My solution would be: Fade out old stories

You can choose whether:
A) The maximum number of feeds unread is kept constant (like 100), Newsblur would then add new stories, but highly relevant (because liked tags etc.) old ones would stay in.
B) The other option especially for news sites would be cool, to only display stories newer than x days, like 7 days makes sense for news, why should I read older ones?

Guys what do you think? Need this, too?


Right now things fade after 2 weeks, I believe. Though some of us would prefer this number be increased :slight_smile:

I for one don’t ever want stories to fade away. I want to be able to go back thru a feed that only updates once a week and find a story from two years ago with just a few scrolls.

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Seems needlessly advanced. Karen’s right, two weeks is all you’ve got. I had plans to allow you to override this, but that’s shelved because it’s a ton of work for a tiny number of people.