Extremely High Battery Usage After 5.1.0 Update

Since the 5.1.0 update I’ve been having trouble with NewsBlur devouring my battery (http://i.imgur.com/bdoUJCK.png). Restarted my phone a few times but it didn’t seem to help.

app version: 5.1.0
android version: 6.0.1 (MPD24.107-52)
device: motorola+XT1563+(msm8916)
sqlite version:
server: default
memory: normal
speed: 116 feeds in  conn:1006 read:103 parse:93 store:80
pending actions:  pre:0 post:0
premium: yes
prefetch: yes
keepread: no
thumbs: no

Also, the log file Newsblur generated shows a lot of these errors: “DEBUG com.newsblur.service.NBSyncService rejecting request for feedset that is exhaused”

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I enrolled in the Beta program of NewsBlur to see if that would help with the battery issue, but v5.2.0b3 seems to be just as bad (http://i.imgur.com/GDtaAbd.png). This is when NewsBlur was just in the background after opening it once.

I guess a rollback to the previous version is in order until this problem is fixed…

Can you do me a favor and use the “Send Email” option in the latest beta so that we can get debugging info?

Thanks Samuel, I’ve emailed the log file as requested. I had thought that a recent update was installed but Titanium is saying 5.1.0 was installed back in April so I’m not sure what would’ve caused the battery problem to emerge right now.

Looking at the tail end of the provided logs, the the app hadn’t run at all for almost a week, the older version was started and it played catch-up on a week’s new stories (about 6000), and then because the app was upgraded (which necessitates a reset and re-fetch of data and stories) it again did a download of about 6k new stories.  If that instance of runing / upgrade / running was most or all of what the device did during the battery report period, some noticible resource usage is to be expected, given the number of stories fetched.

Our loggings from back in 5.1.0 version aren’t quite as good, but from what I can tell, the app was occasionally having a hard time getting a solid network connection to the NewsBlur servers back on the 14th/15th.  Chronic bad connections can cause some additional drain if you are set up to prefetch new stories and have a high volume.  Keep the feedback coming on this, as it is invaluable for heping us tune things up.

Was your device off from roughly the 15th - 22nd?  If not, do you have any battery savers / app killers running on your device?  Do you generally have many, many apps running?

Also, definitely send along another battery report and fresh logs from within the app if things look amiss after another day or so.  Any details about how often you were using the device and app during that time would also be incredibly helpful!

No, this is my primary cell phone so it’s on every day and I’ll open NewsBlur up at least a dozen times throughout the day. I don’t have any specific “battery saver” apps installed. I don’t generally force close applications unless there’s a problem/specific performance drain associated with an app, usually rely on Android to handle the resource allocation as it sees fit.

I did restore an older version of the app from a Titanium backup (before Samuel’s response) so I’m wondering if that affected the log file at all. Would it make sense to uninstall/reinstall the app so I have a fresh slate? I’ve cleared the local cache but I’m not sure if that is “good enough”.

Ah, yes, any kind of root-level manipulation like with Titanium will totally throw off our diagnostics and also, in some cases, cause a lot of resource usage as you restore old state that then has to be reconciled with current state.  Another bug report after a few days of normal usage would help us lots.

Hello, I just sent in a few more log files. Hopefully they help as I’ve been able to reliably cause NewsBlur to get hung up downloading one/more of the feed items (though what’s causing the hangup I can’t say). At this point I’ve had to turn off story caching so my battery doesn’t die, which isn’t ideal…

Update: I just sent you guys another log file as I’ve resolved the issue with the NewsBlur client getting hung up on a feed item (at least for now). By manually marking different feeds as read and killing/restarting the app I was able to narrow down the problem to one site feed: Hacker News. After marking all the stories on that feed as read the app was able to finish downloading the rest of my unread items. The app seems to be behaving normally right now.

Feed: http://ftr.fivefilters.org/makefulltextfeed.php?url=https://news.ycombinator.com/rss&max=3

After re-enabling the ‘Download Stories’ option I was able to consistently cause the application to sit there trying to load once I got to a specific point of the feed.

I’m not sure what it is about this particular story but the app seemed to stop loading at the post right after this one. Hopefully the log file gives you more info.

Thanks for the updates.  So long as we get detailed report info like this along with the logs, we should be able to look into things no problem.