Extend Newsletters to handle mailing lists

When I read about the Newsletter feature I decided to give it a try by forwarding oss-security to it because the way I read this list is “RSS like”. Now under Newsletters I have a separte “Feed” for everyone writing to that list.
Would be nice if Newsblur honored the Mailing-List or the List-ID header and created only one “Feed” if it looks like a mailing list

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Fascinating! What’s your username so I can take a look at the logs and find those headers.

My username is bgschaid
I think the Mail header to look for is List-ID (https://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2919.txt)

On the other hand: maybe this isn’t such a good idea. I’m already addicted to Newsblur :wink:


This would be my primary use case also. It would vastly improve my experience. Did anything come from this?

You’d probably also want to support sorting stories by thread rather than date.