Everything is on its way / Google Reader import hanging

I realise there is a lot of load right now and measures are going in to remedy this so not convinced this is a problem, more a symptom of current system load.

Signed up for pro account smooth enough after importing my google reader subscriptions. Once returned to Newsblur there were no feeds present in my list anymore, just the words “Everything is on its way” with a loading icon, and trying to add them again hangs.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?


Lots of other reports of similar issues. You can try loading the site via the new frontend demo site https://dev.newsblur.com to see if that makes any difference.

Yeah thats identical at the moment. I’ll check in periodically over the next couple of weeks and use google reader in the interim. Cheers for the reply Martin.

How about giving paying customers a separate server that is working? :slight_smile:

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The servers are so over whelmed that a “working server” might be hard lol. https://twitter.com/newsblur