"Everything is on its way" forever

For the past two days (give or take a few hours :slight_smile: ), the main newsblur.com interface has not been working for me, nor has syncing with Reeder on Mac desktop. On the website using Firefox, Safari, and Edge I am seeing an infinite spinning “Everything is On Its Way” message in the left-side panel.

Oddly, beta.newsblur.com is working just fine as is Reeder’s iOS app. The Newsblur iOS app is telling me “the server barfed” though, and is not working.

What’s your username?

It’s freeAgent (both places).

This is still happening. beta.newsblur works, but the production site and app do not.

Thanks for reporting this. Incidentally, this was happening to three users: you, me, and one other. So I got to experience this first hand. I believe it happened because we both followed somebody on beta.

Anyway, this is now fixed.

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Very interesting! I figured that there must be some sort of profile corruption, but had no idea what would have caused it. Now that you mention it, I do think I recently followed someone and it may have been while I was on the beta site. Bug slain :slight_smile: