"Everything" feed loading and marking as read problems

I often use the everything feed to read my news items. I’ve noticed a few bugs lately. When I get to the end of the first “batch” of items that have been loaded, more items should appear. Sometimes they do, sometimes it’s slow, and sometimes they don’t load at all. If they don’t load, I just click the everything feed again, and it’ll reset, showing the next set of unread items. Having a fast way to get through all of my unread items is important to me.

Secondly, sometimes items don’t get mark as read as I mouse over them in the everything view, particularly in the scenario I mentioned above, when it’s failed to load and I’ve had to reopen the everything view. I have to reopen the everything view again when this happens.

I’m subscribed to 93 feeds, if that’s of any help.

I love NewsBlur, and I would hate to have to go back to Google Reader over this kind of thing!