Every thing shows no stories, but individual feeds do have unread stories inside them

Android app. summary shows “All Stories” as having no stories in any feed. If I go into the all stories, it shows nothing, even changing to read from unread.
On the main screen where the summary shows, if I select at the bottom all rather than unread, each feed shows, but still with no number next to the feed.
However, if I actually go into a feed, then that feed shows all my stories (I’m set to view all, latest first within individual feeds) including several which are unread.
So, it is another problem along similar lines to the issues we’ve been having on Android.

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#@ the app has now updated, so the summary screen shows new stories.
And the unread stories within each feed matches the summary.
but many of the feeds show far less stories than I’d expect. Hopefully it is just that some of the feeds have not been refreshed.

EDIT: It seems that my SD card was not playing ball, and having changed that, the feeds are back in synch.

Remainder of post left in case anyone else has a Samsung with an SD card that casues problems.
Possibly related to this.  My phone shows 310 unread, but my tablet shows 3.  I have refreshed both. 4 hours later, the tablet still only shows 3. Inside the ones that claim to have a story, the tablet shows “no stories to read”, even set on all stories.

Interesting! I’ll share this with the Android devs.

I’m seeing the same thing.  Running version 4.1 of Newsblur on an HTC one M8