ESPN headlines feed take over the page

Why does the ESPN headlines feed take over the page and bring me to ESPN? It’s the only feed that does that.

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You’re probably in the Original or Story view for that feed. Right-click it and go to Site Settings. There you can select the Feed view, which should prevent that from happening.

I am in story view for that feed, as I am for all feeds. Why is ESPN the only site that takes over? Is there no way to use story feed for that site?

I am having the same problem with this ESPN feed. It’s my only feed that takes over the page and takes me directly to ESPN for me as well. Been going on for a couple months. Thanks.

Yes, some feeds do this. It’s called iframe busting and while I employ an iframe buster buster, it isn’t a 100% solution. They are purposefully removing the iframe that the Story view uses.