Error 502 Newsblur down

Not sure what is happening tonight but it seems like newsblur is having an issue. Anyone else been having random issues with newsblur over the last couple of days?


Whatever is going on with newsblur as I’m typing this message, it appears not to be limited to the web front end. Newsblur also appears to have stopped polling feeds – at least the ones I can monitor – about two hours ago (around 8:20 PM PDT).

It seems totally down, the web and the feed fetching in the mobile app as well.

Same here, it is totally down form me.

Same here, dead.

Also for me - 502 error.

Hi @samuelclay, tagging just to ensure you get notified to see this when you find time.

It’s back up now but my uptime notifications both failed to wake me! I’ll get that fixed immediately.


@samuelclay It’s gone down again. Getting a 502 error with a message to check twitter for more information.

Looks like a Postgres db server is unreachable. I have a failover ready to go, so I’ll wait a few more minutes before I switchover in the hopes that the missing db server comes back to life.