Engadget Feed (Full) not staying 'marked as read' until read x2

On my account this feed from here:  http://www.engadget.com/rss.xml

I’m about two weeks behind in news reading, and I have about 8000+ stories unread.   When I read for 20 or so minutes before needing to get to work or something, when I come back all the engadget stories that were in that burst of reading are still marked as unread, but everything else I Went through is read/gone.
If I go through again (N a bunch of times) and leave, the next time I come back those engadget stories are finally gone.
Any ideas?


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I see the same thing on http://www.autoblog.com/rss.xml

Basically, if I press _Shift + A, _it makes it read and moved to the next feed. The problem is that a few seconds later, it returned as unread. 

The only way I could fix it is by manually clicking on each story to get it marked as read. 

Note the feed was in the Grid view. but that makes no difference as I’ve switch it around and it still shows the problem. 

Here’s an GIF showing the bug in action: http://d.pr/i/Dok2/15gM8NAL

See this thread. It’s a known bug.