Enclosures not working on certain RSS feeds

Though probably no fault of Newsblur, this feed is completely useless in Newsblur.


* In site view, Newsblur loads the homepage.
* In story view, Newsblur does the same.
* In feed view, Newsblur shows nothing for each post.

However, Google Reader still managed to consume the feed and show a player for each post. :slight_smile:

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You may not believe this, but after fixing the enclosure issue on this feed, I stumbled across the months-old story-shows-up-as-unread bug and I think I finally, finally fixed it. I’m going to watch the logs like a hawk over the next week, but I think this feed has all the characteristics I need to be able to reproduce the bug again and again. I’ve been waiting for a feed like this for for months. Literally for months, everyday trying to figure out what feed would do a good job of reproducing the bug. Oh god, after fixing a bug like that I need some ice cream. Deployed.

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Well, I’m happy for the accidental bit of awesomeness :slight_smile: