[Embed Video] Some feeds with Vimeo will auto-play the video

There are a few feeds, (Slash Film, Filmster to name a couple) that, if you click “Everything” and even if it’s 10 items down, it will auto-play the video, which depending on the trailer, can get either quite annoying or quite scary.

For instance:


That was 10th on my “Feed” when I selected “Everything”, and it played the video immediately.

Is there any way to stop the video from playing until that item is selected?

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Ugh, it’s their feed. They are auto-playing videos in the story content itself, which is nuts. The only way around it is to not render the story until you click on the story title, which is how Google Reader does it. But it’s going to auto-play because the feed wants it to happen.

Could a Greasemonkey/Scriptish userscript suppress the autoplay? I use one for YouTube, for example, that does that and a few other things. You can find scripts at userscripts.org, or via the Firefox add-on Greasefire. Looks like that video embed is through Vimeo. That’s a popular video-hosting service, so it probably has some userscripts floating around.

Oh! Simpler: get the Flashblock browser extension for Firefox/Chrome; you can make it block all Flash embeds except on whitelisted domains. That is my own day-to-day preference.

ClickToFlash is what I use in Safari. It effectively prevents auto-playing from happening.