Emailing Stories Issue

For some reason, I’m not receiving emails that I send from Newsblur. The issue seems to occur after I’ve sent a certain amount of emails. Are there any known issues with sending emails to .fm (fastmail) email accounts?


Not that I know of. I also checked and didn’t see any exceptions. Looks like the emails are being silently swallowed by something over at FastMail. Is it possible they’re going into spam?

If they are going to spam, I’m not seeing them. I just added the “” account to my contacts to see if that will resolve the issue. I’m also going to contact fastmail. Thanks for checking.

I’m getting sort of the same problem, but with the newsletter functionality. I’ve set Fastmail to forward my newsletters to my Newsblur email and nothing appears. Forwarding to other email accounts works fine.

Strangely enough, I’ve forwarded an email manually to my Newsblur account and it appeared. 

My Fastmail email also ends in ‘.fm’

Did you get any response from Fastmail? Which address did you contact so I can try too?

Hey Antonis, do me a favor and forward one of the newsletters you expect to have received to I can check it against my logs to see where it ended up.