Email subject when forwarding an item

When sending an article via email (on both iPhone & iPad) the subject line is empty with the article title appearing in the body along with the link. Would it be possible to fix this so the article title appears in the subject? That would stop warnings from the mail client that the subject is empty, and also make it easier when emailing articles to readability/ pinboard/ etc.



Couldn’t agree more—also handy for sending stuff to all sorts of other apps, like my GTD app or even just forwarding to a friend.

On iOS? Unfortunately, I don’t get much control over that email. Try using any number of other iOS apps and use email. I haven’t seen any on iOS 6 that have custom subject lines.

I tried Readability and iCabMobile (browser) just now. Selected share via email in both and the mail client opens up with the article title as subject and the link & title in the body. Can’t NewsBlur do something similar - set the subject as the post title?


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Duplicates my suggestion:…

It looks like you should be able to set the Subject with setSubject:…

Tweetbot has a very nice email function that does this.

Flipboard does this too, it’s incredibly useful.

I should probably mention on this thread that this has been fixed. Go ahead and download the latest iOS beta:

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great, thanks. Installed it. Works as expected.

Thank you!