Email newsletter: blank content from Web Platform News

One of my email newsletters (from Web Platform News) started to appear as blank content in NewsBlur, with only the footer to unsubscribe remaining visible.

My guess is that you’re sanitizing the content somehow, and new issues are doing something bad. (I have verified that the content shows up correctly when viewing the broken emails in Gmail.)

I am in contact with the person creating the emails, so if we can isolate the issue, I’ll report what to change back to them.

My NewsBlur account is “jryans”, feel free to check out the issue. The folder is “”. (I would post a direct link to NewsBlur’s version of the email, but that appears to publicly readable and it contains an unsubscribe link.)


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Yep, you’re right in that I’m sanitizing the contents. But I can’t change how that works, so I’d inspect the html of the email to see what’s being changed between original email and newsblur’s version.