email function isn't working all of a sudden

I use the e-mail function every day, many times a day. Suddenly, however, it’s no longer working. The icon is spinning and spinning and spinning, but nothing’s getting forwarded. Many thanks in advance.

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Wouldn’t you know it! As soon as I sent this note, after many hours of not working, it suddenly started working again! Maybe I sacred it silly!? Many thanks to whomever fixed it!

That’s interesting, as I haven’t done anything! I did launch a big rewrite this morning, but that was to the feed counting mechanism (instrumental in figuring out how often to fetch feeds and invoked 10 million times a day).

Well, I don’t know what happened, but, for the previous three hours (prior to my first post), it wouldn’t work–not until I posted the issue and, suddenly, miraculously, it started working fine again; and it’s still working fine! Technology has a mind of its own!  Cheers!