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Hello Mr. Incredible,

first of all, newsblur might have some tiny hiccups compared to the notorious GoogleReader, but HOW PRETTY your Reader is, I can’t really tell. If it weren’t for the news, I would have it as my homepage for aesthetic reasons alone.
Prepared the ground for some critisism? (-;
I would love to see one of my favorite feeds (working with firefox bookmarks/googleReader without problems) working with newsblur: "http://feeds.feedburner.com/EGPodcast", added to the feedlist, shows only some older podcasts, and, worse, doesn’t refresh. Some idea? Some time to think about this problem deluxe? Won’t be displeased if you haven’t, honestly.

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It looks like this feed was added by two folks, you and one other person way back last year. So a bunch of older stories are there, but because the only other subscriber wasn’t active, the feed was no longer updated. (I’m thinking about including old feeds in updates at a very slow rate.)

The feed is also updated once an hour, since so few stories are published a month and because there are so few active subscribers (looks like it’s just you). You can see all of this information by right-clicking on the feed and going to Statistics, where you can see story count, subscribers, and even the latest update times.

If you go premium, the feed will update more often, but you can also force it to refresh at any time by selecting Insta-fetch stories in that same context menu.

Although, looking closer at the feed I can tell something is very wrong. I’m looking into it now. It seems that the feed is not provided any gob ally unique IDs or permalinks, so who knows.

I already went premium.
Ah, ur second comment arrived just now (hmm, not being a native speaker puts myself in a disadvantage with u (-; ), no need now to say ur first idea doesn’t fix it.
So thanks for looking, but don’t get yourself in a tizzy, it’s only me trying to subscribe… Can’t understand, best dj-sets around. Have a look, so maybe there a two subscribers from now on, ha

Awesome, this has now been fixed. Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention. Stories are in, but they don’t go anywhere, since there is no permalink. Is there supposed to be an enclosure that I’m missing?

Thank YOU so much for having concerned yourself with this…
OK, I’m just a dumb user, so don’t await something useful. The only thing I can say is: In GoogleReader, if I click on the EG-Feed to open the website, absolutely nothing happens, as apposed to Newsblur, where at least the Newsblur-Site opens again (-:
In this respect: Mission accomplished, tnx once again!

Added media enclosures. Took way less time than I thought it would. Everything should be golden on the feed now. Let me know.

Clicking on the link brings a 404.
Clicking on the “grey area” get’s me a look at this:

It’s using an HTML5 audio tag. I went ahead and added a direct link to the mp3 file.

I’m highly pleased, as expected. Time to close this thread in order to go to the praise-section.