El Goonish Shive feed not showing any stories


the feed http://www.egscomics.com/rss.php (some 230 subscribers here) hasn’t been showing any stories for a few weeks in my webcomics folder. Opening only that feed in “Unread / Newest” mode doesn’t show anything either, and changing to"All / Newest" results in just a long series of XHR requests for page after page without showing any stories (here I caught page 40, and then stopped it):


Looking at the raw feeds with curl it looks good, and at least Safari can also understand it and show the latest stories when adding it there to the shared sidebar. The site stats for the feed in Newsblur also says that it is regularly updated and seems to show that there has been stories in October, though none has showed up.

Thanks for Newsblur!

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I haven’t had trouble with EGS on my side here. I just read a new comic from them today in my newsblur feed. Here’s the link to the one I’m using, it seems to have the same ID as yours. http://www.newsblur.com/site/4014281/el-goonish-shive

That’s weird, because that link doesn’t work for me, it’s the exact same behaviour as described in my first post.  Seems like that feed is broken only for my account.  Something with the unread marker that’s gone awry, perhaps?

But that was a useful hint: removing the feed and re-adding it seems to have resolved the issue.  Thanks for the help in showing that this was indeed local to my account!