Editable keyboard shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts don’t jive well with the keymappings in Pentadactyl (http://5digits.org/pentadactyl/). I’ve set passthroughs for j/k and a couple others, but “g” is used to launch Quickmarks, so I either have to set a passthrough for it, or hit Ctrl-v before hitting “g”. An option to tweak the keyboard shortcuts would be awesome.


I also would like the option to tweak keyboard shortcuts - by default, up and down arrow change article.

But these keys are also used by most browsers to scroll up and down a page or iframe, which means that reading posts that are longer than the iframe requires you to switch back and forth between keyboard and mouse, which rather reduces the point of shortcuts.

You can still scroll down/up using Space/Shift+Space, but I would like to use the up and down arrows as well.

Thanks, Erik. I discovered that via another means just now :slight_smile:

Regardless, configurability is always a desirable attribute for an interface, particularly one that targets “power” users of the net like this does…

Yup, custom keyboard shortcuts are a big planned feature. Soon as I scale I get to figure out what’s next. This is up there!

Great :slight_smile: Good luck!