Easier way to go back to a story I read yesterday

I read an item yesterday, and it was properly marked as read. Today, I want to go back to the article and share it, but the only way to view read items is to switch the global mode of the whole blog; I can’t see how to view all items temporarily. Then (with my default mode of sorting old->new) it’s hard to find the boundary between read and unread items, so I need to sort new->old, but then scrolling to the item I’m looking for marks all newer items as read. It’d be nice to have a button to scroll a blog in the “all” view directly to the last-read item, so I can easily scroll from there.

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Yeah, NewsBlur doesn’t track that information. You’re better off saving stories you want to come back to. However, going to dev.newsblur.com might help as you can use the All mode with All Site Stories.

NewsBlur definitely tracks the read status of individual posts (at least within the past N weeks, which is all I care about for this feature). Even if the server doesn’t cache the boundary between read and unread, the frontend could search for it in javascript.