Early renewal cuts time off the end of the subscription

I saw my account was coming up for renewal in March, so I thought I’d get in and renew early, which all went through. Only now it show’s my renewal date as one year from today instead of the anniversary of my first payment :confused:


it happened to me too … subscription was ending on april 9 , I renewed on march 23 . now my subscription ends next year on march 22 instead of April

It happened to me too. My premium account was set to expire on June 1, 2014, but when I made a payment on March 29, 2014, the expiry date became March 28, 2015 (instead of the proper June 1, 2015).

I used to handle this case, but Paypal likes to send multiple payment pings for the same payment. So I had to either change how I stored payment information, or handle renewals differently. I am trying to figure out a better way to handle early renewals and tack on the appropriate amount of time. Obviously it’s easy to write out, but in practice it tends to add extra years to folks who only paid once.

It wouldn’t be elegant, but perhaps a “brute force” way to correct things would be to setup a nightly cron job, that loops through all paid memberships and does the proper (and relatively simple) calculation looking at all the data. This assumes that the database has stored all payments in the history (rather than just the newest payment).

It’s not as elegant as a “real-time” version, but would suffice for most users.

Also having this problem. Would imagine this is going to happen a lot more as renewals start coming up over the next month. Was only a couple of days for me, so no big deal in my case. Hope you’re able to figure it out!