Duplicate items from Tao of Mac

I’ve been seeing duplicate items from The Tao of Mac for quite some time. I’ll read several stories, then a day or two later, they pop up again as if they’re new.

Below is a recent example – I read this story yesterday and it popped back up again today. It appears to have a unique ID and has not been updated since the original post, so I’m not sure why Newsblur would’ve thought it was new.

What else can I do to help investigate this?

<entry><br><title>iOS 11: The MacStories Review</title>
<br><id>https://taoofmac.com/space/links/2017/09/19/2014</id><br><published>2017-09-19T19:14:55+00:00</published><br><updated>2017-09-19T19:14:55+00:00</updated><br><author><br><name>Rui Carmo</name><br><uri>https://taoofmac.com</uri><br></author><br><link rel="alternate" xml:base="https://taoofmac.com" type="text/html" href="https://taoofmac.com/space/links/2017/09/19/2014">
<br><content type="html"></content><br><category term="11" label="11"></category><br><category term="apple" label="apple"></category><br><category term="ios" label="ios"></category><br><category term="review" label="review"></category><br></entry>
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