Duplicate filtering is different between iOS and web app

I have been a long-time user of Newsblur, and am incredibly happy with nearly everything about it. I’m curious, however, if there is a solution to the discrepancy between duplicate filtering on the web app versus iOS.

By way of illustration, I have feeds from the same news organization in a single folder, which sometimes duplicate content across each other when a news item is filed as, say, both political news and economic news. On the web app, the duplicate filter only shows one of the duplicate items at a time and has the others remain unread. For me, this is the expected and desirable behavior. On iOS, however, all duplicates are shown at once.

See attached screenshots showing this difference between iOS and the web app. The news article about the U.S. confronting coronavirus is shown duplicated on iOS but appropriately filtered on the web app.

Any advice, updates, or suggestions on how to address this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

There is no duplicate filtering on NewsBlur, so those duplicate stories you see at the bottom of the iOS screenshot are coming from different feeds (U.S. News vs U.S. > Politics). On the web you’re reading a different folder. If you were to read the (1B) folder, it should appear the same.

Thanks for your response. I seem to have misinterpreted how Newsblur displays identical articles on the web app as duplicate filtering.

I see also that I was viewing All Stories in the web screenshot and the (1B) folder in iOS. When I view folder (1B) on both iOS and the web, I still notice the same discrepancy. In the attached screenshots, only one of the duplicated articles about Biden and DACA recipients is shown on the web while iOS shows both. So I’m not exactly sure why it isn’t consistent as you say it should be.

I understand that this is not necessarily a problem, especially given what you’ve already mentioned about the lack of duplicate filtering in Newsblur. But I nonetheless remain curious about this difference because my preferred behavior on web is something I would also like on iOS, if possible.

Is your order different? Oldest first vs Newest first? That may account for it.

Not that I know. I generally have the order set to newest unreads. Toggling between newest and oldest on iOS or web doesn’t seem to make a difference either way.