Dragging scrollbar down causes the skipping of posts when new ones are loaded

When I scoll down a feed with lots of stories by dragging the scrollbar down, at some point new stories will be loaded and the scrollback jumps back up but immediately goes down again (as I still have the button down and continue moving downwards). This causes the stories to jump down by around 5-10 posts, skipping them. I have to scroll upwards again to see them.
I would have an easier time if new stories were only loaded once I *release* the button on the scrollbar. This would allow me more fine grained control when I want the scrollbar to jump up, and it would only do so at well defined points in time.

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Just to get this straight, you don’t want new stories to load while your mouse button is held down on the scroll bar? But once you release the scrollbar, then new stories can load?

The issue I see is that stories are moving during page loading. That seems to be the real issue. Does it feel like a bug to you, or is this more of a preference?

This sounds like the same behavior I’m noticing. When using the scroll bar on the story titles pane, more stories are added to the pane. When this happens, the position of the stories is shifted as well as the scrollbar position. I constantly find myself trying to see find the last story title I was reading. The behavior is the same in IE8, FF12, & FF13 for both the normal site & the dev.newsblur site.

I am sorry for the long non-reply, I had not noticed your reply to the thread. For me that is a bug, not a preference. I tend to read many feeds by dragging the sidebar in “feed view” down. And it then suddenly, whoops, I missed out about 10 posts while continuing to drag it down.

Yes, not loading new stories while the mouse button is held down would be one way to solve this and prevent unexpected and surprising behavior. I would very much prefer that.

Ohh, I get it. Well, then would new stories load when you let go? It’s kind of a complicated beast. I set it up so that if you have a story selected and then you load more pages in the story titles pane, you snap back to the selected story.

I guess new stories should be loaded when I release the scrollbar at the bottom. I do see that it snaps back to the original story briefly after loading more entries. But given that I still hold down the button and continue moving the mouse down, it will jump down right afterwards before I even had the chance to notice that new stories are loaded.

I have learned now the sweet spot where new stories are loaded and carefully push the scrollback down and immediately release the button to get new stories, but have them not skipped immediately. But it is a brittle way to go about :-).

Anyway, it is a minor issue. I read feeds where all posts are interesting using “a”, and use the “scrollbar dragging” methods for feeds where I briefly glance at a large number of short entries.

Tylast, hit ‘m’ to load the oldest unread story. I’m planning to build a proper oldest-to-newest after I launch social.

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The “m” hotkey works pretty well.

“I set it up so that if you have a story selected and then you load more pages in the story titles pane, you snap back to the selected story.”

Oh my gosh, this was intentional? I was just coming to report this as a bug because it’s seriously irritating me this week :slight_smile: For most of the blogs that I follow, 90% of their posts are noise to me, so I try and scroll down through the titles until I find something else interesting to click on (I’m still working on figuring out what tags I can train up to make this a little easier for me). Except that every time new stories are loaded in the river, it pops back up to the last interesting thing I had selected.

And then I curse furiously (and silently) because I’ve just lost my place in the list *again*…

Yeah, it’s irritating the crap out of me too. I’m going to get rid of that obnoxious behavior in the backbone branch I’m working on now. It’ll percolate out to dev within a week, and then to production within a couple more weeks.

Oh thank goodness. Looking forward even more to the backbone update hitting Dev now!

I’ll tell you right now, when Backbone hits dev, it’s going to cause *some* mayhem (though not a lot), as there are some subtle bugs that I will not have seen. But it should be an easy track to get them fixed. I’ll have a big banner up saying as much.

It would be nice if there were an option to load ALL the unread stories at once when selecting a feed or folder & not have to reach the bottom before more are loaded. On top of the erratic scroll bar, some feeds take ages to load the next few stories.