Drag-and-drop feed order

It looks like this has been touched upon in previous requests, but it would be *really* great to have the ability to place feeds in any order, beyond alphabetical and most-used, ala Reader and Netvibes.


This seems to be a recurring theme lately. That’s good news, because requests like these aren’t a huge amount of work. Unfortunately, it’s not the simplest request to build. I’ll get around to this post-social, but it’s on my list. It’s a fine idea and I’ll add it as a preference (next to alphabetical and sorted by use).

Would love to see how this is going now that social is out and dev is merged.

Won’t be happening. I took out drag-and-drop after nearly a year of it being deployed because people were accidentally mixing up sites. It’s such a rare occurrence, so I built a Move To Folder menu item that works a whole lot better.


Disappointing to hear, but thanks for the followup.

Ah… Would be interesting to have this feature as an “opt-in” thing (e.g I really want it so I go and activate it).

The code’s all there if you want to take a crack at it: http://github.com/samuelclay. Just look for “_sortable_” in reader.js.

I’m starting to regret signing up for the premium account, especially paying for the $36 subscription…
TheOldReader implements drag and drop without problems as well as the search function, neither of which are currently in newsblur.

Aside from a nice interface what is there really to it from a practical point of view? It’s nowhere near what google reader had and the old reader is implementing for free.

PLEASE bring this back! I don’t understand the problem with it as you described it above. Not saying it doesn’t exist, just that I don’t understand what it was.

I don’t just want to move things to folders by drag-and-drop, I want to order my folders and feeds arbitrarily. In alphabetical order, it bugs me that my folders are at the bottom. I want the ones that I care enough to categorize at the top.

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I’d like to add myself to those who very much want drag and drop folders. It could be a custom setting that must be turned on, to avoid the problem of unwary users accidentally mixing up sites.

I’m currently using alphabet prefixes (A goes first, Z goes last, etc.) in order to get the folders in the order I need (400+ feeds requires more thought than default alphabetical listing); it’s a clunky and inelegant work-around. Thanks!

I’d also like to see this request. There’s a big difference between feeds read throughout the day and once-a-week feeds – drag-and-drop makes it easier to manage that sort of variety.

If there’s an easy to way to manually institute the previous fix, would you mind re-posting that method, Samuel? I don’t mind doing the work, I just generally don’t understand how. Thanks.

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Drag and drop could be added to the “Organize Sites” window - that way people shouldn’t accidentally re-arrange their feeds.