Downgraded from Premium Archive to Premium Boring

I seem to have lost my Premium Archive Account, the payments page shows I have a Premium Account and can upgrade.

However, my last payment was October 08, 2022 for $99, so I believe I should be covered for the year?

Oh and also it says Your premium account will downgrade on: » Sunday, June 30, 2024 which seems odd, I don’t think I’ve ever intentionally cancelled anything, and intended on staying with Premium Archive for the immediate future.

Looks like the card was actually declined on October 9th, which led to the cancelation of your premium archive account. You upgraded right on July 1st, but because it was close to the end of your normal subscription, Stripe charged only for the remainder of the year. Then when it went to charge the full amount, it failed.

I believe you can try again and it should work now.

It actually did go through.

It took a couple tries because NewsBlur was seen as Very Suspicious and tripped an alert, I got two failure emails and then a receipt showing success 4 minutes after the second failure once I got the transaction unblocked on my end.

Time zone is MDT -0600.

This is in CAD so the numbers won’t match exactly, but 137CAD is about 99USD. I see the upgrade July 1st and the renewal Oct 9th. The transaction is Settled, so it completed on this end.

I can grab the receipt/invoice numbers from the Stripe transaction if that would be helpful, or forward any of the messages in case what I am seeing isn’t matching what you see. Receipt was Oct 9, 0:34 (12:34am) which matches the transaction.

Appears to be the correct email address, so I don’t think I did a dumb and renewed the wrong account or anything. But that’s also possible. The account matching my forum account is the one I intend to be paying for, and my test account doesn’t show a subscription.

Okay, well at this point I needed my backlog of podcasts/YouTube as I was finally in a position to dig into a bit, and so I recreated in a local app in a way that solves a couple other problems.

Any chance you could either refund the transaction that didn’t work, or prorate it to the base subscription?

On the plus side, I’m also dumping a few high volume feeds that I barely look at anyway and was going to archive to search, I’m collecting the blurb of data I need in my own database now, which is good because nobody else would ever need this junk.

Sure I’d be happy to refund an additional payment but I can’t find it. I only see the payments here

Where we are right now

Your screenshot agrees with what I see in Payments. Great! But what did I get for my $99 on October 08 2022?

Looking only at the successful transactions, this is my expectation for what should have happened as each occurred:

Date $ Action Expiry Date
October 07 2020 $36 Bought Premium for 1-year October 07 2021
October 07 2021 $36 Renewed Premium for 1-year October 07 2022
June 30 2022 $17 Upgraded to Premium Archive (pro-rated for 99-days) No change (October 07 2022)
October 08 2022 $99 Renewed Premium Archive October 07 2023

Have I misunderstood anything, or are we on the same page up to this point? (All dates are +/- a day thanks to timezones).

Where things went wrong

After my October 08 2022 payment, I got downgraded to a Premium account until June 30 2024. I don’t understand why. My $99 payment should have bought me either:

  • 1-year of Premium Archive, October 07 2022 – October 07 2023.
  • 33-months of Premium, October 07 2022 – July 07 2025.

I intended to renew Premium Archive for the 365-day unread article retention while I worked through a backlog, but since I got downgraded I’ve lost my place in my backlog and I’m now tracking it with a different offline tool. As I’m already on Premium, can I just stay here?

Staying on Premium

If I did the prorated math correctly for Premium I’m reasonably sure my end date should be July 07 2025, but in my account it shows June 30 2024.

To get this date I took the $99 I paid, prorated to a Premium 99/36*12 to get 33 months (1004 days). Or to do it another way, Premium is $36/year or $3/month, so my $99 should have given me 33 months?

Since I was already paid until October 7 2022, I added 33-months to get my proposed next renewal date of July 07 2025.

Maybe I’m doing a dumb when it comes to the numbers and dates?

What’s the word on this one? I’m still short either on time or services…

You should now be a premium archive. If you aren’t something is downgrading you and I’d like to find out when it happens.

I logged out and back in just in case it would make a difference, still no “Archive”

Finally figured it out! It was an errant path that only applied to non-recurring archive subscriptions. Sorry that took so long but you are now confirmed to have an archive premium account. I added an extra year for your help in getting this fixed.

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Thanks, seems to have stuck this time.