Doubled Images In Tumblr Feeds

Some tumblr feeds I am subscribed to double the first 2-4 images (sometimes more, but it seems usually to be the first 2-4), then display 5+ only once. I tried looking at the RSS myself, but nothing jumped out at me immediately as being wrong?

Example feed:
Example post:

This isn’t a burning problem, just an oddity that I wasn’t able to track down the cause of, and so was interested in. I’ve only seen it on tumblr blogs as far as I know of, but then the majority of my subscriptions are tumblr blogs, so it’s possible it happens in other ones that I haven’t seen yet.

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Not sure if it’s the same issue I hit a while back, but it’s related to the preference about showing changes in the feed…the image url gets changed or something and it gets duplicated

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Interesting. I’ll try disabling that and see if it changes the behavior.

I’m used to an interface indicator to changes though, even images, but if that’s slipping by it’s definitely a possibility.

Ok, upon testing, that seems to resolve it in most of the posts.

Now if I can make it per-folder, that’d be that. Thanks!