Double Entries In Feed List

I have several feeds that are showing up multiple times in my feed list. Most of them act as a single entity even though they are listed twice - ie I click one of the “doubled” feeds and both it and the identical row below it highlight themselves. Renaming the feed causes both feeds to be renamed as well.


I’ve got a few that do this as well. They seem to be less active feeds, so I don’t have any examples to show right now.

I am very old and thus forget things at times. If I go to add a feed that is already there from some time ago, will both appear or is there some automatic things that prevents this from happening?

NewsBlur prevents you from adding the same feed to the same folder twice. However, what sometimes happens is that you have two different feeds that are very similar, one points to the other and they get merged, and then you are left with two. This often happens with Google Reader imports. There is logic built in to handle deleting one of the duplicates. Ideally it wouldn’t show duplicates and if enough people chime in here I’ll build that in.