Double click on feed item open new tab

i would like a feature where you could double click a feed item to view the story in a new tab. I sometimes want it to preload all pages im going to read, it also helps to workaround issues like this:…

It works fine on feeds to view the corresponding main page, just not on feed items.


Right now you can command+click the story to open in a new tab. But double-clicking on a story should open it in the Story view.

Ok, it is just a bit inconsistent between feed and feed items. Tried double click just on feed items i view in story view anyway, so i didnt notice it has a function.

Could you add support for middle clicks? On Linux their behavior is equal to cmd + left click, so that you can open new tabs just by middle clicking on links.

Love to, but shouldn’t command+click already handle that? If you can tell me what the javascript keycode it gives, I’ll put it in today.

Right, cmd + left click and middle click trigger the same action (open in new tab). But somehow I’m used to the middle click and as long as it isn’t a problem to support, it would be a nice enhancement. By the way this does also work on Windows and likely on Mac, too.

The button code should be 1 (and according to Microsoft: 4), so something like if (e.which == 1) { /* ... */ } should work. Untested, but found in: [1] [2]