Double charged through Stripe

Got charged twice through stripe, but my account was stuck as a ‘free account’, so tried again with PayPal and it finally showed up as premium. Can I get you to refund the payments made through stripe? username: lovelessada email: Thanks!


Refunded. Thanks for going premium!

I also seem to have been charged twice by stripe.

First try with filling in the form gave some validation error in the form (some ‘unknown error message’ below the form, I forgot to screencapture)
So I guessed I maybe made a typo and tried again… and now there are two stripe payments.

I think the stripe payment could really use an extra step with some kind confirmation page…


I actually got charged three times, but that’s partly my fault: I tried upgrading during the server problems when the Reader news broke. Both of the payment attempts threw errors, but actually went through the next day, along with my third attempt that actually went through normally.

I just decided to not ask for a refund because it’s not that much in the grand scheme of things and the more NewsBlur gets the server situation resolved, the more I’m liking it. :slight_smile: