Double billed for premium account


I changed payment method credit card to PayPal,
and billed at that time.
I paid at May, and I had premium account until next year.
And the limit day didn’t change.



It looks like you did get credit for the extra year…

Oh, you are right. Thanks.

My next payment day of PayPal is Jul 14, 2002.
My premium expiration date is May 25, 2003.
These do not match.
Do I have extra year forever?

Just a guess (having run a subscription service that took PayPal automatic payments in the past), NewsBlur probably can’t push the change out to PayPal so you’ll be perpetually prepaying a year.

NewsBlur could refund one payment, or you could cancel the PayPal billing subscription, wait until you’re actually due and set PayPal up again.

(I’m a customer and don’t speak for NewsBlur).

I think you are right.
Cancel and set up is nice idea.