Don't see many stories that were available yesterday

yesterday 11 pm (UTC +2) I had over 700 unread posts in one folder named “Must read”
this morning 7am (UTC+2) I had 90 posts total (read and unread) in that same folder.

All posts in other folders seem to be available.

The “lost posts” were from major sources (NY Times, Politico, Washington Post etc.).
Where did the posts go and how can I retrieve them ?

Hi, what’s likely is that you’re in Focus mode which only shows stories you trained. Switch to Unread mode in the controls on the bottom of the feed list. Let me know how that works!

Oh, you may also have trained stories, so right-click on the feed title that’s not doing what you think it should be, open the Intelligence Trainer, and see if anything is thumbs down in that dialog.

Thanks for the quick answer but no, I was not in focus mode.
Strangest thing is that this morning all my stories are “back” overs 700 unread and an unknown number of read ones.

I’m not sure if it is related but I had a bunch of older (last 1-2 weeks) articles that I had not seen yet, in a folder I monitor regularly.

They were dated over the last few days, one I ignored instantly and another I definitely wanted to read so they weren’t the sort of things I’d have left. Maybe it just didn’t refresh from that site for a bit, I can’t tell at this point, but I have the impression it backfilled.

No big deal, just noting the observation.