Does the Intelligence Trainer carry over to reading in 3rd party RSS apps (e.g., Reeder)?

I’m testing out NewsBlur to see how it compares with a few other RSS services I use. I really like the Intelligence Trainer. However, when I linked my NewsBlur account to Reeder on the Mac, the articles that I had trained and weren’t showing up on the NewsBlur site *were* showing up in my feed reader.

Is the designed behavior?

My expectation is that I’ve trained NewsBlur to hide an item, then don’t show it to me anywhere.

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Oh how I wish! Bug @reederapp on twitter, asking for him to support either hidden or focus (or both!).

This is why I build first-class native apps for iOS and Android. It’s because that way I get to control all of the great features that only NewsBlur has and not have to settle for the least common denominator of RSS.

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So it is a Reeder issue? Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll be sure to put a feature request into him. Hope he adds it.