Does newsblur add tags when sending to pinboard?

When I send links to pinboard from newsblur a lot of tags are automatically added based on the content of the tag. This is not something I want to happen, it completely breaks my pinboard workflow. Is it possible to stop it? Is pinboard the cause of this behavior or newsblur?

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Not yet, unfortunately. I plan to add options to sharing services (including giving them keyboard shortcuts). I’ll keep this in mind when I build the feature.

Also, this should really have been filed under “Question” or even better yet “Idea”.

I’m sure some people want this feature, but I don’t. It seems like I might have it. I get tags automatically while sending to pinboard rather than just an untagged unread item.

Keyboard shortcuts for sharing services would be fantastic.

I do have a problem. I get tags automatically, and they break my workflow. :slight_smile: But it might be pinboard that causes it.

The headline of my question might have been misleading, I do have a problem.

I tested this again. Newsblur does add tags (or some setting/default on pinboards side makes it) and twitterifics send to pinboard feature does not.

I tested this with twitterific and newsblur on my phone. Adding links to pinboard from twitterific does not create new tags adding new links to pinboard from newsblur creates a lot of new tags.

Some examples:


This is just some of the tags I got from adding four articles from techcrunch. They make navigating my system of tags very hard, it will not be long before I have 100s of tags. Autocomplete in the pinboard tags menu becomes “crowded”, the list of tags takes a lot of time to read trough. (Fortunately you have copy link location and open in browser which lets me add stuff to pinboard from newsblur in a fairly simple way. I’ll still keep my premium subscription!) This basically makes the send to pinboard feature of newsblur useless to me.

The save to pinboard function from the newsblur website does this too: Tags are added by default in the create pinboard bookmark menu.

I noticed this too. Thankfully the tag ‘Newsblur’ is always included and I can periodically filter by that tag and clean things up.

Possibly manual tagging will be supported when Newsblur on iOS switches to the API instead of password credentials? Considering Pinboard’s “holy war” on those not using the API has begun I hope that will be soonish.

Yeah, I already built a revised activity sharer in iOS, launching sometime in the next month.