Do you have server problems due to the Google Reader announcement?

Seems so for me…
…but this is a great opportunity to get more subscribers and make your work also reward you (much better). I think that your subscription service should remain untouched, this is the moment where people will be ready to pay a dollar per month or they are reading few feeds or go to a competitor like Feedly.
…but your product is the best.
Of course not perfect (it never is) but very good.
I hope you have the change for more capacity.


Samuel was adding servers like a madman yesterday and I’m sure he’ll be refining things today. If you are having issues with the main site the beta site seems to be coping better

Even that’s stopped working for me now (I get “Oh no! There was an error” when trying to load any feed)

Yep - big problems today - probably because the news are all over. I hope you get it right soon. Cheers

Yep, same problem here. I come from Google Reader just today, I saw the competitors and choose NewsBlur, but in this moment is not working at all. Also in dev mode isn’t working… I will wait and hope!

…time to make an announcement via the Newsblur blog.