Do not mark first article as read when clicking the feed

Can the marking of the first item in a feed be changed? You can get into a state if you mistakenly marked an article ready that you are unable to get it back to unread. I have my feed settings to Unread and Oldest first. To get it back unread I have to go to All then click on the feed, change the sort to All Stories and then Newest then mark the article as unread. The problem is when I change my feed options back to Unread and then Oldest the article I just marked as Unread gets marked as read again.

I have my page set top Full if that makes any difference.

Would be nice if we could change selecting a feed to NOT mark the first article as read. Then you would hit the J or N key and then it would mark is as read.


In your preferences, trying changing the one under Feeds–>“When opening a site” to “Show all stories” instead of “Open the first story”.

That should stop it from opening that first story when you select a feed, which is likely what is making it read then. Then, when you hit J it will open it, and mark it read now that it’s open.

It’s already set to ‘Show all stories’ and it still marks every article as read when you click the feed in the left navigation.

I wonder if it’s an interaction with one of the other settings then.

I have:

Default layout - List
Default view - Feed
Default story order - Oldest, Unread only
When opening a site - Show all stories
Mark stories read on scroll - Don’t automatically mark stores as read
Spacing between feeds - Comfortable
Story content preview - Don’t show
Image preview - Don’t show
Mark a store as read - Immediately
After marking - Open the next

When I click a site or folder on the left, the list of stories shows on the right. Nothing is open and nothing is marked read. If I click a different folder, then click back the first one, the same list will show with no changes.

When I changed “When opening a site” to “Open the first story”, it was opening the first one and marking it read. Which sounded like what you described, but must be slightly different.

I experimented a little more. It’s the ‘Full’ setting which is causing the article to be selected and then marked as read immediately when you click the feed in the left navigation. When in ‘List’ view this does not happen but then you also cannot see the whole article.

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Yeah, the Full view auto-selects the first story because otherwise the screen will be blank. The other option is to change the preference “Mark a story as read: …”

Which option with ‘Mark a story as read’ do you suggest? The description for this says “Clicking on a story marks it as read immediately.” but I AM NOT clicking on it. Is there a way to make the first article not become the focus and then being marked as read? Seems odd that it has to have focus and then this option marks is at ready immediately.

Ohh, I see how that wouldn’t work in Full view. Hmm, I’m not sure there’s a fix as I don’t know how to make the Full view work without this. You click anywhere on the story detail and it marks as read? Or hit ‘u’ to manually mark read/unread?