Display xkcd alt text on iOS

xkcd.com always has mouseover alt text on its comics with an additional comment about the comic, but it’s not possible to read those when viewing the comic on iOS. It would be nice if newsblur showed the alt text for the image for xkcd in its feed on iOS.


On Android, too! Alternatively, if you could just point us straight to the mobile page when we open the post, that’d work, too. Right now, I have to manually adjust the URL to get to the mobile site.


Another vote for this in the webapp as well!

Yeah, I would love this too. Not so easy, since it’s a web view.

See http://gsfn.us/t/3sm2v
XKCD is not the only feed that has images with alt text. I propose we follow how google reader allows alt text to be read.

Until switching to Newsblur, I’d been using Newsify: you tap and hold on the image to select it, and the menu that pops up has choices to Copy or View alt text. I don’t know the behind-the-scenes workings, but it’s very convenient. It’s the main thing I miss.

Reeder also offers the ability described by B. Haas

xkcd displays alt text for me on Firefox and safari on OSX.

XKCD alt text displays on Chrome and Firefox for me on both OSX and Windows. It would be nice to have in the app though.