Display age of post in hours and days rather then the date posted?

For me the date of the post is only relevant to know its age. In GReader it would display the age of the post rather then the date and time the entry was posted. Would it be possible to add this as an option to the article header rather then the date/time of the posting?


I would like this feature as well, or at least it would be beneficial for me to have Newsblur show the ages in my local time. I live at GMT +2, so for example Newsblur tells me an item was posted at 6:20 am, when the actual time was 13:20 (and this feed is from a source at the same country&time zone as I am). It took me a while before I realized this, and it made it look like the items that Newsblur fetched were not very recent.

Sounds like newblur is using the time as rendered locally on the newsblur servers. Personally, I like precise time more than fuzzy time. Perhaps it warrants an option. Having it be localized would be nice for people outside the US.