disabling "# Comments, # Replies, Shared by #" content bar above post content

n.B. this only comes up for the high-traffic XKCD feed

In Feed and Text view, under the post title and date, above the post content, there is sometimes an additional light beige content bar. Today it says “2 comments and 2 replies” and “Shared by 3 people” plus some user icons. I have disabled viewing comments by non-friends. I can’t find a way to disable this bar, which is sometimes chock-full of strangers’ icons. I have fruitlessly poked around a little in the CSS to see if I can disable it, but I’m more of a humanist than a webmonkey these days.

  1. What’s up with this content bar?
  2. I can disable viewing non-friend comments, so could I please disable this?
  3. If not, would you please point me at the code I would need to tweak?

This won’t be disabled simply because it’s part of NewsBlur. It not only gives a good idea of the popularity of that post, but takes almost no room to do so. Anyway, to disable it yourself just hide the CSS container.

You can use Element Hiding Helper to block these bits if you use Adblock Plus in Firefox or Chrome.

Chrysstom - Thank you! I managed to create the Adblock Plus filters to hide social content bars.

For posterity:
Adblock Plus - Options - Add your own filters

social bar above popular stories:   
www.newsblur.com##.NB-user-avatar-image (probably redundant element covered by filter above)   
comments bar at bottom of stories:   

This is exactly what I wanted to pay for, and will keep paying for annually. A simple RSS reader that can have folders & save things I like, nothing more. I’m glad other users have the social options, but this tweak has made me happy again.