Disable mark newer as read

Newsblur is wonderful.
But I’m messing too many times with the mask newer as read function.
Please add an option to disable it, thanks.
app version: 4.0.0
android version: 4.4.2
device: LENOVO Lenovo B6000-H (blade8_row_3gdata)
memory: normal
speed: 341 in 392


Are you finding that you’re accidentally hitting it?

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You are not alone:




My workflow is to skim through the articles and to “mark older as read” often, as a signpost of the last read article. Moreover, I have an “unread only” filter.
Previously, the “marked as read” articles were simply greyed out. Now, the new behavior is to sync the read state, so “marked as read” articles cannot be read any more (unless I switch to an “all articles” filter, but then I get a lot of articles and I get lost).

Thanks, I really appreciate your work.

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I’ve been using Newsblur for years, in this same manner, and I just accidentally marked all newer as read again, and lost a lot of unread articles. I’d really like to disable it as well.

On Android or the web?

Android. And thanks for this awesome reader!