Directing email newsletters into NewsBlur


I still find a few sites that don’t offer RSS. (E.g., even the Financial Times seems to only offer it’s “First FT” morning briefings as emails).

Is there any way I can direct an email somewhere which would allow Newsblur to read it?




Zapier seems to be what you’re looking for:…

I imagine IFTTT could do something similar.


Zapier is crazy expensive for this type of job. There must be another way!

Sam, any chance you could create email addresses for our accounts that would turn incoming messages into items in Newsblur?

This would actually be quite useful. 

I’d love to see this feature, too. My workaround is the following: Set up a Wordpress installation with Postie — a plugin that converts emails to posts. I then use another plugin called ‘Automatic Post Tagger’ to set categories and tags to make RSS feeds form.

Wow, this is an amazing feature. I’d love to build it jut for the sheer novelty of something like this. Would you want multiple email addresses you can turn on and off? Or just one?

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Wrote it up as a prioritized feature:


I think one would work well enough, more would be a nice bonus. Glad to hear you might build this feature.

Great news! One feed per newsletter would be ideal. I currently use one email address in my Wordpress workaround and try to find patterns to categorize incoming emails. It’s not ideal because header and body keep changing and I end up with emails in ‘Uncategorized’ frequently.

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+1 for this

I would like this feature too and I notice that Feedbin added it a week ago. Multiple addresses you could turn off would be useful for newletters which ignored unsubscribe requests.

A looong time ago, Bloglines had this as a feature and it was really useful. does that.
You can then access the newsletter archive using a Usenet (nntp) client or you can add them to newsblur using

Sound pretty geeky, but is easy to do and fun.

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I may have built something today … but don’t get excited just yet. It’s gotta go through a week of testing.

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I’m actuallly using Gmane too and it works, no need for this.

Any update?

…and now that Gmane is dead… glad Newsblur does this!

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