Dinosaur Comics feed skipping entries

Hi there, I’ve been noticing lately that some of the entries that appear on the Dinosaur Comics website (qwantz.com) don’t appear in the feed, http://www.rsspect.com/rss/qwantz.xml. I e-mailed the creator to see if it’s on his end, but I thought I’d let you know too.

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Check to make sure you’re not hiding stories. Is there a Show Hidden Stories button at the top of the screen? Likely not the case, but it’s a possibility. Otherwise, check to make sure their RSS feed isn’t being written by hand.

Hi Sam, while I do use that feature on some feeds, I don’t on this one (so newblur doesn’t tell me of any hidden stories). I’ve already contacted the author so I guess I’ll see what he says.

The author got back to me and the issue is on his end. So you can close this.